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About Us

At Berkeley Dining (formerly Cal Dining), we celebrate diversity and foster inclusion through creating food that is rich in culture, passion, and flavor. We promote the well-being of our community, social justice, and environmental health through the ingredients that we source. Together, we are a diverse, spirited, and service-minded team who delight in nourishing the bodies, minds, and hearts of the students we serve.

Our service philosophy is centered around three key principles:

  1. Convenient – We offer a variety of welcoming campus locations with beverages, snacks, meals, and more to meet your individual preferences and dietary needs.
  2. Community-Centered – Loving our work comes with service: creating food that supports health and well-being, celebrates diversity, and brings the community together.
  3. Social & Environmentally Responsible – We strive to fulfill our ongoing social and environmental responsibility.

Our Berkeley Dining team welcomes your comments on how we can further serve you or make things better. We truly care about the role we play in nourishing our UC Berkeley community and the opportunities for connection that food brings.


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